24KT NANO-GOLD AND PLATINUM FACIAL 55min $175 Featured in, New York Post [Most Luxury Treatment]

BOOK NOW! SPAWEEK SPECIAL [$50] Oct 14-31 2013

We are proud to be one of the few spas around the world to offer this 24K luxury facial.

The products utilize the natural properties of pure 24-karat gold (99.99%) and platinum. After cleanse and extraction, 24-karat gold soft peeling gel and 24-karat gold Leaf Mask treatment that gently exfoliates the build-up of dead skin cells. For a final special touch, you will receive a deep treatment with nano-sized platinum mask with special nano-platinum steam. lifts facial muscles, increasing collagen and elastin while building tissue, non-surgical face lift and reduces dark circles and sun damage.(with Hand,Neck,Head Shiatus Massage) For all skin type


CO2 NANO SPARKLING PURE FACIAL 70min $175 New York’s First High Tech Facial

CO2 is garnering a lot of attention in both the beauty and health industries. The tiny bubbles draw out oil and dirt to the surface of your skin, and are drawn to the hardened protein deposits, making them easier to peel off. CO2, along with removing debris and softening your skin, fights acne, swelling, and blotchiness.  After cleansing and extractions, we use a “CO2 Gel Mask” that contains Nobel Prize winning beauty ingredients and placenta extract to nourish your skin from deep within, and continue with a Shiatsu massage, enveloped by a veil of nano platinum steam. By using the power of CO2 and our original techniques, we deliver the best in anti-aging care.




[Products by PHYTOMER from French] 


Our premier european facial begins with our signature overture and targets all skin types. Followed buy a therapeutic course of cleansing, toning, deep exfoliation, steam, extractions and high frequency light waves that treats breakouts and inflammation. The hands are then slathered, massaged, and put into warming mitts for a delicious finale.


 Special Mask $10

. Collagen Mask . Vitamin C Mask .Acne Jelly Mask

Premium Mask $20

.CO2 Sparkling Mask .24Kt Gold Mask .Nano Silver Mask 



[Products by PHYTOMER from French]


Followed by a therapeutic course of cleansing, toning, deep exfoliation, ozon steam, Nano platinum steam, extractions, Pore soothing Mask and high frequency light waves that treats breakouts and Inflammation




A medical-grade exfoliation used a wand with diamond tips to resurface skin ,followed by a super nano collagen mask to inflammation. Includes cleansing and deep extractions.




The particular needs of a man's skin are met by incorporating deep pore cleansing techniques, hot towel preparation and the use of a specialized mask.