The products used for the Calgel and BioSculpture Gel Manicure are the best available in the market.
With its honey-like consistency, this gel adheres to the natural nail bed without causing any damage! The extremely flexible formula is flexible, yet tough, and is applied to the natural nail bed just like nail polish. It’s comfortable and even prevents nails from discoloration. Typically lasts 3 weeks without losing color or shine and can be easily removed by soaking.

Available in 400 color.


-Gel Manicure (Clear)          $30

-Gel Manicure (1color)        $40

-Gel Pedicure(1color)          $50

-Gel Extension                     $60up

-Gel Fill in and color             $50up

(Paragel,Cal gel & Bio Sculpture gel  plus $10)

-Sork off  and New set        $45up

-Gel Soak off                                 $10

-Acrylic Sark off                          $15

-Hard gel off                                  $25up 


◆Japanese Gel Art

Worthy of its Japanese birthright, Nail Art is more than just pretty, colorful designs. It requires advanced techniques, skill, and superior quality materials imported from Japan. Our technicians are trained specifically in the Japanese tradition, and incorporate the latest design styles. Enhance your own unique style and customize a look that’s unforgettable!


-Gradation (Glitter)                         $50 up

-Gradation (Clear base)                $60 up

-Gradation (1Color base)             $70 up 

-Gradation (2Color )                       $80 up

-Gel French (Clear base)           $60 up

-Gel French (Color base)           $70 up

-Gel French (Half moon)           $70 up

-Gel Holo All                                        $80 up

-Gel Jewel Art (Swarovski crystal) $1 up

- Flat Art Design                                $3 up

-3D Art Design                                   $5 up

-Line Art                                                 $2 up

-Color Mix                                            add $5





Get away from the everyday and melt your cares away at Yukie Beauty Spa. Revel in a relaxing and rejuvenating manicure and pedicure, designed to pamper and protect your hands and feet. Luxuriate in our custom chairs where ultimate indulgence meets advanced nail techniques and state-of-the-art sanitation, as you soothe and soak in imported Marine Water to nourish and hydrate skin. 

Enjoy our special polish! CHANEL, Christian Dior.


-Signature Manicure      $25

-Color change                     $15

-French Manicure            $30

-Men's Manicure              $25

-Paraffin  Treatment       $15

-Green tea ,Milk & Honey, Spa Manicure  $35




Signature Pedicure       $30

French Pedicure            $40

Green tea, Milk &Honey Spa Pedicure  $55


Nail Extensions

Forget what you know about Acrylics, and experience the newest in Acrylic & Gel  innovation at Yukie Beauty Spa. A made-to-order nail sculpture is created, based on the size and shape of your very own nail, and makes repairs easier than ever! Natural-looking finish keeps nails beautiful, chic and neat.  We use only high-quality products imported from Japan.


- Full set Acrylic (Natural, Clear) $70

- Full set Acrylic (French)                 $85

- Full set Acrylic(Virtual French) $90
- Full set Acrylic (Glitter)                  $80
- Full set Tip Overlay(natural)       $70

- Full set Gel Extensions  (Natural, Clear) from $60 


At Yukie Nail Artistry & Spa, we want you to receive the best service possible. That’s why we need to tell you the following things:

Note the following


Please do not peel your gel manicure off

The number one thing we are against is peeling the gel manicure off on your own. When you do this repeatedly, your nails will grow thin and gels will fall off more easily.

We recommend regular maintenance every two to three weeks.


●Gel nails are artificial nails. If they are left on for a long time without the proper maintenance, it can lead to problems such as green nail. For the health of your nails, we recommend maintenance once every three weeks. If you are unable to care for your nails once every three weeks, we do not recommend gel manicures. 


●We are unable to perform services on clients who show signs of allergic reactions.


●Forcefully peeling off your gel manicure post-procedure will also pull off the surface layer of your natural nail, and may result in onycholysis. Please do not attempt to remove your gel manicure on your own.


●Even if you feel like your nails are getting long, please do not clip them with the gel manicure still on. It will result in lifting. Please do not touch the cuticle area either.


●We are unable to replace gel manicures at a frequent pace (1-2 weeks) as it causes a huge strain on the natural nails.



●If you notice a reaction on your hands on the same or next day after receiving a gel manicure, there is a chance you may be having an allergic reaction. Please consult a doctor.


●Depending on the structure of the gel, individual experiences with gel may vary depending on the brand used. Certain types of nails are not suited for gel manicures.


●If your hair gets caught in your nails while taking a shower, there is a chance your nails are lifting, and need removal. Please do not attempt to remove them yourself, and consult us for a visit instead. (If you are unable to make it in, we also provide soak-off kits for self-removal.)


●In order to help your gels last, regular care is mandatory. Cuticle cream, oils, and hand cream help the gels stay on longer. During the dry wintertime, gels are more prone to falling off, so it is important that you moisturize the back of your nails as well. Massaging it into the base of the nails will help the nails grow stronger and the gel manicures last longer.

 ●Gel manicures grow soft when soaked in water for extended periods of time, like a soft contact lens. When strong pressure is applied while the gel is soft, they are more prone to falling off. When using hot water for a long time, please use gloves and exercise caution.

 ●The edge of your nails are covered by gel, but trying to scrape something off with your nails will peel the gel manicure off at the same time, so please exercise caution. Please also be careful when holding heavy things with your fingers. (If your manicure falls off due to these circumstances, we are unable to honor the guarantee.)



●If you have large stone art on your nails, please be careful that you do not get it hooked on anything.