At Yukie Nail Artistry & Spa, we want you to receive the best service possible. That’s why we need to tell you the following things:

Post-Gel Manicure Guarantee Period

Our Guarantee

If your gel manicure peels, chips, or your stones fall off due to a technical issue on our end within the guarantee period, we will fix the nails with issues at no cost to you. Please notify us within 7 days of service.

Important Notes

If the problem was caused by excessive force on the nails, we are unable to honor the guarantee.  


If a design was agreed upon during the pre-service counseling and you wish to change the design, it will not fall under our guarantee.


Please come to the salon with your nails as-is when there is a problem. If you forcefully peel them off, we are unable to assess the situation.

The guarantee does not include a color change or design change.


We are unable to honor the guarantee if it has been 8 days or more, within two weeks, or maintenance of growth due to time.


Please understand that the longevity of gel manicures can differ based on environment and use. Clients with damaged nails or who sweat easily may find their gel manicures fall off at a faster rate. Clients whose nails are damaged due to conditions such as onycholysis may not be eligible for our guarantee until the nails return to a healthy state.


If you cancel your fix appointment, we reserve the right to charge a service fee for the next visit. Please be sure to choose a date that works for you.


Nails that were split at the time of service or nails that break are not included in the guarantee. Thank you for your understanding.

Please let us know within 7 days if there are any issues.

If we are fully booked, we may not be able to accommodate you immediately, but as long as we receive a call in advance we will honor the guarantee.

Guarantee Period and Appointments


Post-service, within 7 days of the appointment Free / Once per regular visit.


Post-service, within 8 days to two weeks of the appointment Half-price (does not include maintenance of growth) / Once per regular visit.


Post-service, two weeks or more after the appointment Generally falls under the timeline of a new gel manicure, full price.


Same day cancellations of a fix appointment will be charged the full service price on your visit. Please be sure to choose a date that works for you.



Thank you for your understanding.